Winnings in Book of Ra slot

Winnings in the Book of Ra slot depend on the combinations of symbols that appear on active paylines. Different symbol combinations offer different payouts. Here are some examples of winnings based on the standard payouts in the game:

Combinations of high-paying symbols such as the archaeologist or the pharaoh can yield significant winnings. For instance, a five-symbol combination of archaeologists can give you one of the highest payouts in the game.

Combinations of scarab symbols, hieroglyphics, or cards may provide smaller payouts, but they can still add up and result in additional winnings.

During free spins, the selected special expanding symbol may fill multiple reels, creating opportunities for forming winning combinations on multiple paylines.

It's important to note that specific payouts and winnings in the Book of Ra slot can vary depending on the bets, the number of active paylines, and the symbol combinations that appear during the game.